The Mt Marshall Land Conservation District Committee(LCDC)

Inaugurated in 1984, the Mt Marshall Land Conservation District Committee (LCDC) was one of the first land conservation districts gazetted in WA under the Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945. The purpose of forming the committee was to ensure that farmers would maintain control of conservation matters in their district.

The Committee in consideration of the requirements of the Act has determined that the committee shall include:

The Commissioner for Soil and Land Conservation, or his nominee,
2 Local Government Representatives,
3 persons representing one of the producer organizations, and
7 landholder representatives.
Members are appointed for a three year term after which they are available for re-election.

Current Membership (term ends July 2006)
Commissioner's Nominee - Keith Ohlsen (Department of Agriculture, Merredin)
Local Government
(2 representatives)
- Cr Derek Clauson, Dep President, Shire of Mt Marshall, Farmer
- Cr Ty Kirby, Member, Shire of Mt Marshall, Farmer
WA Farmers Federation
(3 representatives)
- John Dunne, Farmer, P.O. Box 45, Beacon WA 6472
- Chris Kirby, Farmer, P.O. Box 31, Beacon WA 6472
- Jim Sorgiovanni, Contractor, P.O. Box 138, Koorda 6475

"Landuser" category
(7 representatives)




- Robert Clare, Farmer, P.O. Box 214 Koorda 6475
- Jason Faulkner, Farmer, P.O. Beacon 6472
- Paul Gillett, Farmer, P.O. Box 147, Bencubbin 6477
- Clint Poole, Farmer, P.O. Beacon 6472
- Tony Sachse, Farmer, P.O. Box 30, Bencubbin 6477
- Helen Shemeld, Farmer, P.O. Beacon 6472

The committee meets quarterly.


Current Committee Executive Phone number
Paul Gillett President 08 9686 2055
John Dunne Vice-President – North 08 9686 1045
Tony Sachse Vice-President – South 08 9685 1257
Helen Shemeld Secretary 08 9686 1054
Michelle Kirby Treasurer (Ex-officio) 08 9686 6056

Aims of the Committee

To promote strategic earthworks; erecting fences to protect waterways, badly degraded sites, remnant areas and bush corridors; planting trees and shrubs in recharge areas; revegetating salt-affected areas with useful fodder shrubs and pasture species and adopting cropping methods and rotations which will better utilise the available rainfall; and generally preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of the district for the enjoyment of future generations.

Equipment Available for Hire

  • Optical Level, Tripod and Survey Staff.
  • Hand-held Laser Level Receiver, Laser Level, Tripod and Survey Staff.
  • Vehicle-mounted Laser Level Receiver, Laser Level and Tripod (temporarily unavailable).
  • Chatfield Tree Planter #1
  • Chatfield Tree Planter #2
  • Booleroo Plow